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Philip's Story..Part Six

Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm 1 Comment

If you are new to my blog ..
Take a minute to read from the start of Philip's story. I hope you will enjoy watching what miracle God has shown in Philip's life before he was even born.
I have had so many memories come back to me while doing the first few parts of Philip's story. Thank you all for taking the time to read about Philip and his brave battle to live. I promise you as you continue to read you will see what a miracle GOD has worked in his life. The simple fact of over 17 brain operations and strokes and shunts and infections spending months in the hospital is a story within itself. But I think that is only the outer cover. Deep down the real story is how God showed us his mercy and gentle touch time and time again.
From Part Five..
I called the DR and said Philip is sick. He started to tell me this and that. He said I can see him on Monday. I said NO. I said He is really sick and either you will see him now or I will find a new DR. He said take him to the ER and I will have him checked out. And then he said but you know babies spit up ...

Off to the hops ital I went thinking we would be back home in a matter of a few hours. Little did I know our lives would change forever. Thinking back ..I think that is when everything changed. I am glad we did not know. In this "pulling back the band aide slowly was less painful".
When we got to the ER the on call DR took one look at Philip and said to bring him straight back to a room. The first problem was he was very dehydrated. He would need a IV. I can remember them having me leave the room and me standing outside and hearing my little 3 week old baby scream and cry as they tried to find a vein for a IV. Finally they came and got me and I felt so relived that at least that was done. Only to find out they could not find a vein. The reason I think that stands out in my mind is..I was shocked that it had not worked ...and now I look back and sort of have to laugh at myself that I was so naive back I said. Thank Goodness I did not know how complicated even the little things could turn out to me. So they called in a NICU nurse and sent me out again. I stood in the hallway and listened again as he screamed. I felt like my whole world was falling apart. My sweet baby was screaming to the top of his lungs and here I was his mom standing in the hall.
They called me back in to Philip having a IV in his head. Thinking back I can remember being shocked that they did that to him. His perfect little head all bandaged up with tape and tubes. Funny how a few days later I learned to love the IV's in the head.
Finally Jim showed up to me being a mess and his baby wheeled down to ultrasound. The DR thought Philip had a issue with his stomach called Pyloric Stenosis. The Dr sat down with Jim and I and explained that Philip would need surgery. Pure panic set in. Surgery . Philip needed surgery. Please God no. I could not imagine Philip being so small and needing surgery. Little did I know.
The ultrasound was negative. So they did a xray. The xray was clear. They looked at his heart. It was clear. They looked at every part of his body and everything came back clear. So why was my 3 week old baby boy sick , throwing up non stop and now was lethargic?
Philip was admitted to the regular peds floor. I stayed with him and watched him get more sick each day. No matter what test they did they could not find anything wrong with Philip. One night after a week inpatient there was a new Dr on call. The DR called Jim out of the room and told him he wanted to speak to him. Jim came back and told me that this on call pediterican had asked Jim about my prenatal history. When he found out I had 3 MC before Philip. He felt like I was just emotional...had some Post partum depression . He explained to Jim that since I had 3 mc that maybe I just was extra hormonal and that I just did not get it that babies slept alot and threw up..
Yet an hour later based on some "odd" blood work they moved Philip to the PICU and put him on monitors. They came in and told me we were being air flight to the out of town children's hospital called Arnold Palmer. When I asked why and to speak to the "doctor" he had left the hospital..They told me the Social Worker would be in to talk with me..and they had called Jim back to the hospital to be with us until we were ready to leave. I had no idea how much our lives were about to change. My sweet little baby boy.

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my son also had pyloric stenosis.  he was 21 days old, at my mother's funeral when he first threw up.  he threw up for 7 days before they diagnosed him with it.  the advice nurses told me i was "a new mom" and "babies throw up" not to mention "babies lose weight" we knew what it was before our dr told us to "run dont walk to emmanuel children's hospital".  horrified new parents, we bundled up our son, back out into the cold we drove straight there and they were expecting us.  ruling out every other possibility they determined he had p.s. he spent 4 days in the picu, i sat by his side in an office task chair the whole time only taking 1 break while he was in surgery.  i now have a new son just 20 days old, started throwing up today.  will be "that paranoid mom" at the dr office 8 am when they open on monday morning.  horrifying.  simply horrifying.  
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