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Philip's Story...Part Seven

Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm
If you are new to my blog ..
Take a minute to read from the start of Philip's story. I hope you will enjoy watching what miracle God has shown in Philip's life before he was even born.
They told me the Social Worker would be in to talk with me..and they had called Jim back to the hospital to be with us until we were ready to leave. I had no idea how much our lives were about to change. My sweet little baby boy.

Well the joys of having a DR on call who does not have the nerve to come back and face the fact that he had made a mistake. This left me in a hospital room alone not knowing what in the world was wrong with Philip, where we were going, why and when. Thinking back to that time..being a new mom and so young...I know I had to be so scared.

A few hours later the social worker came in and told us that a blood test that had been ran came back abnormal and it showed he had metabolism disorder. She told us he would be airlifted to the out of town Children's Hospital where he could be cared for better. We got ready as best we could in the few minutes notice we had and off we were taken to the crictial care pad.

The hospital has there own critical care air care to transfer patients. Jim had to follow in the car. They took Philip and strapped him in on a gurney laying on top of me. I remember how scary it was..and how sore I was from laying so long with Philip strapped on me still healing from my csection.

When we got to the hospital Reality really hit. Sitting here thinking back to that night I wonder what I had to be thinking. They landed and all these Dr and nurses came and got us. They took us up in a elevator and I heard them say take them to a pod in the Peds ICU. I remember asking...he is going to the ICU? And they said yes. Then they said the DR are on their way in to see you now. BY this time it was 2 am. Wow what a change in 24 hrs. If you recall back a day ago I had a DR telling my DH that I was a hormonal mom who did not realise that babies spit up and sleep. Now we are airlifted to a out of town hospital to be taken by tons of people rushing my baby to peds ICU and specialist were coming in the middle of the night to see Philip.

Within minutes Dr were everywhere . They took Philip and decided to re run each and every test they had ran at the local hospital. The metabolism DR came in and spoke to us about the test that was abnormal. It was a ammonia test. He said that he thought it was a false positive. He said that many times the test can get a abnormal reading if a person smokes and handles the tube etc. So where in the world did this leave us? What was wrong with Philip?
For days they ran different test on Philip. No one could figure out what the problem was. Philip would continue to projectile throw up. He started to turn yellow and the whites of his eyes even turned yellow. They ruled out Liver failure. We were assigned a DR Named Dr. Perez. He was a resident and to this day I know his name, his face, his voice. He became the person I trusted and depended on. With each test that came back negative, I grew more scared. It was almost a repeat of the local hospital. But the difference was Dr. Perez. One day stands out so clear in my head. Dr. Perez came into our room and picked Philip up. He was so tiny and so fragile..he did not wake up. Dr. Perez tried to wake him up and Philip would not wake up. He took Philip by he feet and turned him upside down...and held him that way. I can close my eyes and see it so clear. Philip cried out ...but he did not wake up. Dr. Perez called a bunch of Dr to come in and see Philip. By that time he was awake. I remember Dr. Perez saying...well I know what I see with this kid and he is sick.
Next...what a shock we had.

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