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Posted Aug 04 2010 6:16pm

I call her Chicken. It sounds horrible, right? Well, I once heard a woman call her three little girls Chooks (Kiwi word for Chickens) and it fit - since she had this little collection of girls waddling along behind her. I called Oceana and Naomi Chooks, then Chicks. And now Chicken. It's okay, it's a term of endearment.

Anyways - this little chicken, does not have the Chicken Pox! I'm relieved, albeit it annoyed that I went into quarantine for 4 days unnecessarily. After showing a friend Naomi's spots yesterday, she told me they looked nothing like her daughter's spots (4 weeks ago). I told Matt, who agreed. So after discussion at home group last night with a bunch of other mums, I decided it was time to go to the doctor and figure it out once and for all.

It wasn't until this morning, just 2 hours before the appointment that I remembered the words of the nurse 2 weeks ago. "In two weeks, you may see some spots, which are a reaction to the MMR vaccine." (I know there's a lot of debate about vaccines, but I've done my research and chosen to vaccinate).

That's exactly what it was - just the body's way of ridding itself of some extra antibodies. She'd come up with about 20 spots/blisters. They weren't itchy, she wasn't sick, and they weren't crusting over like pox should. Anyways, we're out of quarantine, and I can stop worrying! We still managed to dodge the chicken pox!
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