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people listen to me pull some nike shox experience for sale unrelated to learning

Posted Dec 29 2012 2:26am
Wang, you can hear, I like the skit Fan Wei told you loudly: "Thank you, ah!"Especially poor when I grew up, I have been wrongly called "eloquent" feel "great" ideas chat to others is of paramount importance, like British missionaries, but since middle school and I the ideological collision elements completely changed me so it goes to idle - Secondary Unlike primary school, so few people listen to me pull some nike shox experience for sale unrelated to learning, and they have no interest in the topic, on the other hand Wang more than once said to me: "Bo noise of bird's wings, you can do a lot to say, and listeningislearning (listen also learning) At first, I think this is totally wrong philosophy, and felt my young fragile mind by a powerful blow, wound long not healing .... Of course, the generation of the saplings grow up the need for waiting in the next, ready to cut crooked sticks.

Wang just as in the previous paragraph description of my ideological education of the entire first day, so I deep-rooted "then" thinking was fading. But the fuse that really triggered my thinking of the Cultural Revolution "was a chance to study found that when the audience turned more great. This reminds me of the friendly in our class, was the edge of the students playing the role of "audience". Stood up, bowed his head, I casually walk in the rhythm of the rain. Wet my clothes, also wet my mood. Suddenly, I saw a pair of on the ground full of mud wet rubber shoes, looked up, turned out to be the father: his pants rolled up, his face nike shox turbo xii sale drops, can not tell with sweat or rain. I can not help but ran past his father's large, rough hands caught me: "Silly girl, you were busy home doing can not wait? See you a water!" I choked speechless , because I thought, this morning I made stupid that his father was furious, his father must not love me anymore. I said nothing, snuggle father went to the house. Looked up at the red umbrella, space seems to have surfaced rainbow. Our father and daughter's clothes are wet, but I do not feel the cold, because the father is my shelter, my father put up a blue sky, rather than ask the past.
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