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Parkinson’s Awareness Month, Day 10: Team Parkinson’s

Posted Apr 10 2010 12:12am

Parkinson’s Awareness Month, Day 10:  Team Parkinson’s – The Captains, The Players, The Benchsitters, and The Fans

Whether you’ve got ‘regular’ Parkinson’s disease or have been diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease, sooner or later you’re going to want to talk to someone about it who really understands – someone who’s been there.

A support group is like a team.  There needs to be a captain – someone who leads, keeps things going, encourages the team to keep going.  And in order for the team to perform well, each player needs to be in the game.  Just because you’re part of the team in number, doesn’t mean you’re ‘part of the team’.  Bench sitters don’t contribute a whole lot but they can.  They can cheer on the others who are playing hard this time around.  They can have a cup of cold water ready for the next player who finds himself needing to sit on the bench a while.

As a player on a Parkinson’s team, maybe you’re a bench sitter right now, not able to fully participate – but you sure can cheer on those around you.  And if you’re a player, still able to move freely without many constraints, don’t forget about the bench sitters who long to be in the game, but find themselves ‘benched’ for now.

And – remember for every team, there are fans.  They come out, sit through the tough plays and cheer on the sidelines.  They are there in the rain, the cold and the biting wind, but no matter the weather, they still show up.

Whatever part of the PD team you’re in, you’re not alone.  As a patient or caregiver, contact us if you’re feeling isolated and need some encouragement.  That’s why we’re here.

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