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Posted Jan 12 2011 1:32am
I have such a kink in my neck, it really hurts, and I don't know if its related to the knot under my shoulder or not but that knot really makes the cramp I get in my side even worse.  I was in so much pain today when I made my lunch!  When I started getting the kink in my neck I took a muscle relaxer, it didn't help, and now I have a major headache too.

Last night I had a major headache, possibly a migraine- I felt nauseous too, and my face, the numbness, it felt more extreme!  UGH!!!!!!  Thank goodness I have my DR appt tomorrow, maybe he can shed some light on my face numbness.  And my leg is totally tingly and when I try to move my foot sometimes it jerks around on me, like spasms. I can move my foot, a little, up and down  and a little in, can't move it out yet.  I've also been having a lot of pain in my left ear lately.  I'm so tired of all this pain.

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