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Pain in Head

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm
OK, I can't wait until my head is back to normal! I am the type of person who constantly plays with her hair so not being able to touch my head because the slightest touch hurts is driving me crazy! And its a weird kind of pain, like a tingling but it hurts. My temples are still sensitive too. It has been almost two weeks since the procedure. I am sure I am doing fine, I am just tired of my head always hurting, whether its from surgery, infection, or gamma knife, but at least I haven't gotten a headache in ages. I used to get headaches on a regular basis so the fact that I haven't been getting them is awesome, but I can't wait for the day when there is absolutely no pain what so ever in or on my head! That would be a miracle! Hey Christmas is only a couple weeks away, who knows what will happen! I am really looking forward to going to PA.

I have another support group meeting tomorrow. That reminds me, I need to find the catalog I got from That is where I got the "Save 'Tumor Girl's' Brain" key chains. The coordinator wants me to bring in the info because we are going to make bracelets for our group "Heads Up" My key chains came with a brochure, a catalog, and some business cards so I am taking them in, plus I can show everyone my key chains. I am not passing them out there though, because everyone there has there own brain to save! Mine are a hit though, everyone I have given them to has really liked it. Unfortunately a bunch of my friends that I want to give them to haven't been able to make time to get together with me so I haven't given them to too many people. I think I have given out 6. And key chains was definitely the way to go because it seems that everyone is using theirs. And I figure I will give my parents each two so they can wear one as a bracelet and use the other as a key chain like me.

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