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Oh yes I am here to vent again..

Posted Jul 21 2009 12:08am
I bet many of you will get what I am about to say...I LOVE Philip's DR. I think he is wonderful and cares and everything else good I can think to say about him. I also love his front office lady. She is sweet and always seems to care how Philip is doing and even ask about me. I also have a soft spot for her because I had my kick butt shirt on that said LOVE HOPE FAITH and she looked at me and said..I love your shirt and I learned that lesson late in life. I said well at least you from that moment on...I have had a nice feeling when I talk to her. Wow I just gave you tons of info you may not of cared about..But you know me.. lol

So my sweet son is sick. He is miserable and in pain. He did have a few good hours yesterday afternoon where he was not hurting as bad with his pump and pain meds...then last night it all got bad again. So as I have mentioned before he is maxed out on meds..between his pain pump and the pain pills and the seizure meds and on and on. It is alot..too much..for him to need to take and still be hurting.

Philip ended up throwing up all night...needless to say I have been counting the hours till the Dr office opens to call them. Why? Because I THOUGHT they would be able to help me..

So I call..and find out his Dr is out of I ask about his PA. The lady says he is here but he is booked up...I said until when and she says till the 31st. I explained to her that Philip was in a lot of pain ..and not functioning well. I also told her I had a concern as to if the pump was working correctly. She listens and says ...I can give you no medical advice. I am thinking where in the world is the sweet lady I always talk to..of course she is not there. So I say...does your office have appts set aside for emergency patients. She says..Mam...all our appts are for emergencies. She explains to me when dealing with such strong medications things can go wrong. Wow thank you for that I left her with...well not all your patients are kids and kids who have had 19 brain operations and now are so drugged up they can not function. So please make sure you send all that info the PA because if something goes wrong I want to make sure I know that you knew just how sick he was.

It is just a hard place to be..because we always are able to get in. He is a wonderful Dr and he is the best at what he does. But his staff ..or whoever answered this morning really made him and his whole office look awful , at least to me. Plus the bottom line is Philip is just really sick and needs to be seen.

Have I heard back? Two guesses and the first does not count. HECK NO.
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