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Posted Jun 11 2010 8:48pm
The right side of my face is still feeling numb, not sure why.  Brought it up at the support group meeting but neither nurse could give an explanation.  And I've been pain in my jaw.  I started wearing my night guard again, just in case its my teeth grinding causing the jaw pain.  I was sleeping ok for a couple nights, but not anymore.  Past couple nights I've barely gotten any sleep, which leaves me tired all day so I still haven't made the necklaces!  Need to do them tomorrow!!!!!!

I got a bill yesterday from the place where I got the bedside commode.  They are trying to charge me rental fees for the commode when I purchased it!  I just have to find the paperwork to prove that I bought it.  Its been almost a year and this is the first bill they have sent me, I don't know where they are coming from!  They must be desperate for money!  Trying to bully patients.  Looked for the paper that I signed when they delivered the commode, but didn't find it, will have to search harder.  I know I purchased it, not rented it. 

I talked to the nurse about my steroid schedule and she thinks I am doing the right thing with how I am trying to ween off.  Because I have been on them for so long my body needs longer to adjust to the different dosages.  Gonna try 3 weeks or 3 1/2 weeks instead of 4 though to go from 6 mg to 5mg this time.  The lower the dose I'm on the less time, hopefully, it should take to step down, but I could be wrong and if I am I will adjust the dosage accordingly.  I still have lots and the nurse got me a new prescription but I have to see where I can fill it and if I need to change it because I don't think I can fill it at costco and it will be too expensive elsewhere. 

Currently feeling a little dizzy, but I'm sitting in my chair, was fine most of the day.  Did some dishes.  My side started to cramp up so I stopped.  Also started to cramp up while making dinner.  Took 1/2 a norco about an hour ago and 1/2 a norco about 3 hours before that and 1/2 a norco an hour before that.  The numbness is now running down my neck...  interesting.

I mentioned how I haven't been sleeping.  I went to bed last night and I know I shouldn't watch tv, but I do.  Anyway, I fell asleep and then I woke up and the tv was off and I thought I had been asleep for hours, for the whole night even, so I turned on the tv to see what time it was, it was only 1:30am!  I had only slept for like 1 1/2 hours!  Had such a hard time getting to sleep after that!  How disappointing!  Would be really nice to sleep straight through an entire night!

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