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Numbness ONLY on left top of skull without any pain

Posted by Kimberly

I am going to see my endrocrinogist later this week but I want to know if anyone has experienced the tingiling and numbness only on the left top portion of there skull.  If feels like what the dentist does before he drills on a tooth.  The numbness comes and goes and doesn't seem to do so with any warning or any activity.  I am a T1 Diabetic and take meds for that.  Before I was on insulin, I did have numbness in my fingers and toes but this feels different than that. 

Your thoughts?

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I don't know if this is similar but I had severe spasms that started at the base of my skull and would travel up my skull to the tip top of my skull where they would then stop. I often referred to it like an electrical storm. These episodes would last about 30 seconds each and I would have maybe a hundred or more per day. I thought I was going mad. I went from doctor to doctor to no avail. They acted as though they had never heard of such symptoms. As it happened I began hyperbaric oxygen therapy for infection control as I was on a lot of antibiotics at the time. Within weeks of starting the hyperbaric treatments, the spasms went away. After researching it more I now believe that either I had some kind of infection that found its way to my brain or was suffering from severe oxygen deprevation and the HBOT saturation resolved the deficiency.  You decide. I am just glad to be rid of them. That was about six years ago. Hope this helps.If you need any more info you can reach me at that google email provider with the addy of "needamiracle" of course no quotes.


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