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Not really feeling good about Dr apt.

Posted Nov 15 2010 6:32pm
So I met my new general surgeon today. She got my CT results. Everything was normal as I figured.

I told her my systems and about my pain. How I was having trouble breathing. I also told her about how it happened in 2002.

The thing about scar tissue it can't be seen on a CT or MRI. So she was going off what I told her. She wanted to see the surgery report from 2002 when I had that surgery. She found a surgery a week before but not that one. Until she can see where I had the surgery before and understand a bit better about what happened back then. I have to wait.

The Dr that did surgery on me then assist her so I'm hoping he will be able to explain to her how bad things got back then.

I had adhesions restricting my diaphragm and causing me problems breathing to the point I was passing out.

The other thing if adhesions are not causing any kind of an obstruction well I'm not so sure she wants to worry with them.

Honestly drs can't see pain and well the patients just hurting have to stand in line. Looks like I will be playing the waiting game.
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