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not like him to accept vibram kso sale that numerous difficulties

Posted Oct 06 2012 7:29am
The reason why Robinson's experience with legendary because in a particular environment, the plight is magnified against the plight of elongated. If I were him, when the accident when the ship encountered a storm, I can not like him to accept vibram kso sale that numerous difficulties and setbacks, because I do not have self-confidence. If I were him, when people living alone on a desert island top, I can not like him to face sudden disaster, and positive self-help, because I did not have that ability. If I were him, when you see the savages with their own similar banquet, I can not like him so brave to stand up and fight with them, because I do not have the kind of guts. Although, I was a girl, but also had to admit his weakness and incompetence of difficult setbacks, even in the face of Mom and Dad always took my own life, happiness, however, I did not realize family care is a great pleasure.

These Robinson ability to survive independently Where did this come from? Not from the usual self-care ability gradually formed independent ability to survive it? Seen develop living skills, for us is very important. Let us learning to Robinson, by their own honesty, kindness, labor, wisdom and determination, to create, to open up! "Robinson Crusoe" book review is a the British writer blessing flute. Daniel wrote an autobiography in the form. Describes the protagonist drifting island, overcome difficulties, pioneering legend. The novel is written in the jordan take flight true nature legendary. The protagonist grow crops on the island, up the log cabin, eat a lot of hard work to survive. But wanted to go back to the human world anxious to make fascinated him a camel to think only of how to get out of this place, results or failure back to the UK after an absence of 28 years, the last in 1868.

Looked at Robinson's experience, so I can imagine the hardships of his life in the island, his indomitable spirit of adventure experience, so I re-kindled the fire of the love of life. Life is like a painting, and some people draw the vitality of spring, summer greenery, autumn harvest, hope for the winter. Some people draw the loneliness of the spring, summer anxiety autumn bleak winter of sorrow. The color of the painting, the whole depends on painting people's attitude towards life. Robinson continuing to pursue that kind of life, yearning exchanges stemmed from his respect for the spirit of that great love of life. Today, our lives are so colorful, we have to cherish, and even the people will go to commit cheap nike air max 90 suicide, how ignorant move. Think Robinson, in order to survive, he returned to normal society, have been tirelessly fighting with. For those people, I do not know if they realize what. Life there are thousands and thousands of difficulties, but also the coexistence of many wonderful and happiness, we should go digging to experience, that we will get more. I advocate with my life, even though it is very common.
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