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Not Feeling Well

Posted Jan 11 2009 3:44pm
I am still not feeling very well after my strange night. My head is feels weird, I don't know if its my sinuses or what, but its annoying and it sucks. And my stomach still feels a bit queasy, not liking that much either. Tonight I am supposed to go out with some friends to go dancing. I want to go but when I stand up I don't feel good, but maybe getting out of this apartment is what I need, maybe I just really need to clean this apartment because I was pretty much fine the whole time I was in PA except for that one day with the bad headache. I was kind of afraid to go to sleep last night, didn't want to wake up feeling the way I did the night before, but luckily it did not happen, which reaffirms my belief that it was caused by the codeine. well, I am going out tonight and spending tomorrow at a friend's house so if it is my apartment I should be feeling better by tomorrow night, if that is the case I know I need to do some heavy duty cleaning. If I still feel bad, I will call doc on Monday. I just hope I am ok for the night to go out dancing, I want to carpool because I can't afford to pay for parking if I drive myself but they plan on staying all night which means I won't get home until around 2:30 or 3 am! Wish me luck!
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