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Posted Jul 26 2011 12:42pm
Doc came in this morning and said that spinal mri showed a bulging disc but no tumor which is good...  I still don't understand why I seem to be getting weaker on the left side even though they have upped the steroids. He also said that rehab is going to take me so here is my plan:  get to the point where I am physically able to walk again and get in and out of the RV without much of a problem, I will probably still need help though, go do the sightseeing tour my dad had planned since there doesn't seem to be any other treatment options and just enjoy the rest of the time I have left.  The only problem I have with this scenario is money, my social security checks were supposed to help pay for the trip and my last one has not yet been deposited thanks to the stupid government!  Where do those bastards get off collecting $100,000's a year in pay and yet cutting off social security and medicare and such to people like me?  I feel like going postal on all their asses right now and with the frontal lobe tumor I have, I could probably get away with it!  Time to cry now...

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