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New Year’s Action #2 – turn off the radio

Posted Jan 03 2013 8:11am

This is another one that has made my life much simpler, just in the last 24 hours… I don’t keep my music playing while I am driving to and from work. I have to say, having music on was a little like eating candy or junk food, or smoking a cigarette (back when I still smoked) — it took the edge off my discomfort, but it also kept me from thinking about ways to get rid of the sources of my discomfort. It kept me from thinking about the things that matter most to me.

And I would get so caught up in the music that I wouldn’t notice the scenery around me. My commute is a pain in the ass, but there is beautiful landscape between my house and my workplace, and each day it changes a little bit. Getting all “amped up” from the music took my attention away from that.

Further, getting “amped up” is not what I want for myself, each and every day, anymore. Once it was the thing I wanted most. Now I realize it just fogs my mind and makes me tired. I need to keep my energy steady — not go from one high to another… and deal with the lows in between.

Music is great. It’s wonderful. But sometimes it’s nothing but a drug. And I’m tired of being addicted  — and acting like it.

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