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my son in-law's mother was just diagnosed with brain atrophy. She is 70 years old. Can you tell us what that is

Posted by annhodson5

She is 70 years old and has other issues as well.  Diabetes, has had high blood pressure, previous small and bigger strokes, a very recent heart attack and is currently in the hospital. A few years ago she had a leg amputated because of a sore left untreated, (her idea), and having diabetes without her sons knowledge. She is currently on a ventilator. Could you possibly tell me how good or bad her prognosis is. The Doctors's are afraid that if they try to get her off of the ventilaotr she will not respond and could possibly go into cardiac arrest. She is a little responsive but not much at all and has been in the hospital for almost a week now from the nursing home which she is not going back to.


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Brain atrophy is also known as cerebral atrophy and is when brain cells are lost or damaged and involves a loss of brain tissue. The prognosis depends on the type of atrophy, the location and the cause (various diseases will cause this, as well as stroks and injuries to the brain. Usually the patient will grow worse over time.


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