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my skull is caving in why?

Posted by emattame

my skull has bin slowly caving in over a gud few years but just recently iv noticed its really bad and if i press on it i get dizzy ive bin gettin really stressed and thik my hormons are everywhere im feellin tired lately and get angry quick can u help thankyou
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I have the same thing and so do a lot of people however i must of typed or worded it differant because it led to only this site. when i find it Ill get back here to let u know.
type in indention in top of head
i have the same problem and its getting worse it looks like ive ad me head choped i find that i get dizzy when i lie on the back of my head ive bin the docters a few times ive bin for a brain\head scan and they said everything looked normal   but im still not happy so want a second oppinion so ive been refered to see a speacilist so see what they av to say.
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