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My Mountain

Posted Sep 23 2012 1:11am


Parkinson’s disease

among other things

stacked one atop the other.

This is my mountain.


As I ascend,

I stop and think twice.

Do I want this?

This - what used to be a hill in my life

(with much easier steps)

has now grown

into a mountain.


mocking me

with no tunnel to go through,

no path to walk on,

no way to go around.


I read that

it is not a choice,

it is a call.


to trust with each step,

to rely on the Hand that holds me steady

to secure my hope in a Lifeline I cannot see.


A mountain

tall, steep, grandeur.

One requiring

great risk,

complete focus,

extreme perseverance,


A mountain

my all.


it has been set here for me.

A mountian of which

I have been called to.


(and I will reach the top -)

I will lift my hands in praise,

giving thanks

for the Hand that held onto mine

when the stones below gave way.



for strength in my weakness,

tired from the climb.


for the safety net that would catch me

should I have fallen.

When finally

I will enjoy a spectacular,

unobstructed view.

For it was I,

holding on tight

to the hand of God,

who climbed that mountain.



Journeying with you ~ Sherri

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