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My Damn Big Toe!

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm
I finally gave in and called the foot doc for an appointment to take care of my left big toe. Part of me is actually wondering if I may have fractured the bone from all the times I have kicked the steps or other various things around the house. I have been on antibiotics since Thursday but Sunday and Monday my toe really hurt like crazy. Not so bad today, but I stayed off of it as much as possible yesterday. I was on it a bit today because I had to go to acupuncture and then I had to go to Trader Joes for groceries. I was fine, except for kicking the car door by accident, until I tried to carry the groceries upstairs. My bags were kind of heavy and so my toes curled and that was NOT good for my big toe. I had to carry the bags up the stairs seperately to avoid the agony! And of course that frustrated the hell out of me because every time something like this happens I feel defeated, like the universe does not want me to be happy. I mean the whole toe thing happened when I tried to do something good for myself- yoga, so of course I can't do yoga while my toe is in so much pain, plus it hurts even to walk so not getting much exercise lately, do you see what I mean? I feel like I am supposed to be miserable because whenever I try not to be something bad happens, at least it seems that way! I have an appointment with a therapist tomorrow so hopefully that will help me change the way I view things, help me gain a new perspective...
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