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my child has mild development delay (3months girl premature child by one month), the baby is yet to get vision and had minor sei

Posted by mahesh talkad

My child is 3 months old (D.o.B:06-07-2009) and was premature birth. The child had developed myloclonic seizures and is now under control (last had seizure on 7th October) and is now under treatment. (the seizure was of very low intensity). All the tests including CT Scan have shown that the baby is normal. The head circumference is low (now at 35 cm and at birth at 30.5 cm) and weight of 3.24 Kg( birth weight:2.25Kg).

the baby is not able to focus and does not have social smile. however the baby eyes (with doctor check up) retina,lens, optical nerves are functioning fine and has good eye reflexes for bright light.

Please advice

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