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my brother had a brain stroke 4 months ago and he is in coma due to brain stem infarcs.

Posted by Ejaz

My brother 40 years old got brain stroke and he is inconcious from the last four months due to brain stem infarcs. We are not aware that some other limbs are also paralised or not because he is not opening his eyes. somebody told me that there is possiblity to repair the damaged area of brain without surgery. Please guide me what to do?

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you can go for stem cells therapy in China , India or Thailand , my brother has stroke too but not natural one, it happened after medical mistake , and he went into coma for 4 months and still on going .


He is just 29 years old 

we have contacted many hospitals around the world ...and all of them told us to try the stem cells option , although it's not approved yet in USA or Europe 


Good luck 

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