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My 8-year-old boy/1-year-old girl

Posted May 02 2010 5:12pm
Someone made the comment to me recently that Naomi's antics match that of an 8-year-old boy, not a 1-year-old girl. I'd have to agree!

It's hard to explain her adventurous attitude, without seeing her in action every day.

But when I say that she does not stop all day, I mean it. She doesn't sit still. She is not distracted. She is not deterred.

She hears us say "NO STANDING ON THE COFFEE TABLE!" and stares. We say it repeatedly, remove her from the table. Then we turn around and she's back on the table again. Often naked. Bouncing away to her own little drummer, which I can only assume is in her head and beats an unusual beat!.

We've long-since had to close the toilet room door because of the baptism of my cellphone several months ago, and her love for the taste of (clean, but still gross) toilet paper.

But yesterday I found her standing on the 2nd level of a plastic stacking basket in my bathroom. It is not meant of standing on. It is meant of towels and my hair dryer. It was not designed for a nearly-twenty pound child to use as a step stool. Normally I would expect that the items on the back of the sink are safe. They are no longer safe.

I would assume that a carseat sitting in my living room would be safe. Wrong. Last week Naomi tipped a carseat over into another carseat and gave herself a nose bleed. You can't make this stuff up!

Here's the thing - it's not as if our house is a sprawling estate and I'm not close to my children! I can see into both bedrooms from our computer desk, I can see into every room with a quick turn of my head from anywhere in the living room, and I can see out into our front yard from the big glass sliding door. I'm never more than a few steps away from them - and yet she's allllllways into something she's not supposed to!

Babyproofing? Oh, it is. For NORMAL babies.

Normal babies don't try to stand on the dining room table 3x a week.

Normal babies don't love jumping on a trampoline with their 4-year-old sister.

Normal babies don't stand at said trampoline crying and whining to be put on the trampoline.

Normal babies don't figure out how the lid comes off the trashcan so they can scrounge! Oh gag! (The thing that saves me here is that she usually grabs a crinkly potato chip bag, not food. Thank goodness!)

Is it gonna get worse?

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