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Muscle spasms when trying to sleep.What can cause this?

Posted by pcofcfc

When trying to go to sleep at night I often experience muscle spasms in either a leg or arm or both. They begin at the extremities and work their way up my limbs.They increase in intensity and frequency as the night goes on & often become so intense that my limbs 'jerk' around uncontrollably.It usually affects just one side of my body at a time but sometimes the spasms swap sides as well on the same night. My g/friend has even told me that it happens in my sleep as well and she has even had to hold me down because of the severity of these spasms. This can sometimes start when I'm still up but am feeling tired as well. Any ideas?
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My husband is having these probelms...we have no idea what to do!

I give him a back rub, rub his legs and arms and that helps - he can go to sleep.

He is not overweight, exercises regulary.

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