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More Things I Thought You Might Want To Know by Becci Green

Posted Mar 28 2009 3:48pm

Things I thought you might want to know, and even if you don’t, here they are…

Judy, thanks for encouraging us to reflect for a few moments on the important things in life.  Sherri, I don’t pass up a challenge, either! so here goes Judy Patooty…(I like that, how about Sherri Berri?) Becci’s list

I ‘go’ because: each moment of each day is a precious gift from God, amd I pray that I will each day focus on using that time to bring glory to the One who created me.

I ‘love’ because: I want to share the love that my Lord shows me every day.

I ‘laugh’ because: it is a relief from whatever might concern us at the moment.  Now if we would remember to turn those concerns over to the Lord!  I think I have made great strides in that direction because I know that concerns or worry are stressful and we all know what stress does to PD!

I ’smile’ because: of the joy I have from knowing my Father is Lord of Lords. (That’s a good one, Sherri, can’t improve on it)

I ’sing’ because:it brings peace and happiness to my soul, (plug your ears if you don’t want to listen :-)   )

I ‘write’ because: I have so many ideas in my head and I feel the Lord can use them to minister to others.  Now to just sit down and actually do it and then do something with it!  Oh, my.  lol

Three things I ‘pray’ for:

1)  My hubby, my daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren, my Mother, sister and the rest of my family .  That they each will invite our Lord into their hearts and lives, (those who haven’t already) and know that they can always turn to him and trust him with everything; and that they will continue to grow closer and closer in their walk with the Lord . . . . . AND share that love and grace with those whose paths they cross.  I pray that theyknow the peace that passes all understanding, and grow and share what they have experienced for the glory of God.  ( I know that is kinda more than one prayer but ‘related’.

2)  My friends because they are so precious to me.

3)  At the risk of sounding selfish, I pray that I am the person, the vessel, the witness that will bring all the honor and glory to our  Father in Heaven, and that he will walk with me and groom me to become just that.

If I could have my dream job: I’d spend my time sharing the gifts and talents that God has blessed me with, in a Christian ministry that would make the world a better place.

I ‘wanna be like’ this one person in my world: There really isn’t one person, if I were to list a few they would be my Grandma H., for the Christian herritage she instilled in me as a child.  She went to be with the Lord when I was just 18 but those years are precious to me.  I would choose my eldest sister, Carol.  She was just shy of 60 when a fall down half a dozen steps swept her up into the arms of the Jesus she served with such passion.  She overcame adversity in her life that could have crushed anyone, but she rose above it.  I want to be more like her.  Then there are others, my Mom, faithful in everyway, and too many friends to mention here.

I ‘want to be remembered for’: being the witness, friend, and companion that God intended for me to be.

Why I do the goofy things I do: I love to laugh because it is good medicine and I’ve spent too much time being too serious. (Right, Judy?) There is always hope!

One thing I’m glad I’ve learned: I am so thankful that I learned that I CAN let go and trust that God is everything he says he is, and that he has a better plan than I could ever imagine.

What I hope my child(ren) learn(s) from me: I pray that my daughters know/learn that (like the example our Heavenly Father has set for us) I have always loved them unconditionally.  I hope that they have learned through me that there is always HOPE.  I want them to learn to see each challenge as an opportunity to learn from it , to grow in the Lord because of or in spite of it, and to share with others in similar situations what they have learned.   I hope they learn that our purpose here in our lifetime is to bring glory and honor to our Lord.

Thanks Becci, for sharing a little of you, with us.  It’s a pleasure to know you better.

If you’d like to share, send your “Things I Thought You Might Want to Know” to:  We’d love to hear about YOU!

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