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More About My Eyes

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm
Yes, you guessed it, my eyes are still a little swollen. I called the Doc yesterday and was told that if it doesn't go down by Wednesday to call back and just keeping icing and also do heat compresses. Today it is not very bad, but I still feel a bit of puffiness, especially around my right eye. And while I am on the topic of my eyes, I had an eye doc appointment today. I have mentioned before that I have had vision probs since my original surgery. I saw this doc about a month and 1/2 after my first surgery and he said I had 20/20 and my probs were probably a side effect from the surgery. Well since I have had 3 surgeries this year my eyes really haven't had a chance to get better. Weird part is right after my last surgery I felt great and had NO vision problems at all. It wasn't until 2-3 weeks later that my vision started to get all blurry again. It comes and goes, its not a constant, so I waited for a while to see if it would get better. It has not so I decided to see the doc. Turns out I am, at least for now, farsighted. I should have my new glasses in about a week. Funny thing is when I was in high school my parents took me to the eye doc because I was getting headaches a lot and the family doc thought I should get my eyes checked. The eye doc back then said I had an astigmatism and gave me a prescription for glasses. I wore them for a while, but they really didn't seem to help with my headaches so I didn't wear them all the time. Mostly at the movies or when I was driving, especially at night. In 1995 I sat on my glasses and broke them so I went to an eye doc and he said I no longer needed them so I haven't had glasses since then.

My eyes still feel funny from all the drops they put in them! I had to stay nearby for a while because I couldn't see well enough to drive home so I walked around a few stores for a few hours. And I didn't buy anything! I am very proud. I did spend $140 at the eye docs. $60 to cover a test my insurance co. doesn't cover and the rest for the specials on my glasses. The insurance co. covers the frames and the lenses but I got scratch resistant and anti reflective...
Anyway, hopefully my eyes will get back to normal once I have been able to go more than 4 months without surgery!

And the pin sites in the back are killing me! They really hurt! And my scar is hurting too. (The scar from my surgeries.) Still no tingling or burning, just plain ole pain! I can feel them even when nothing is touching them. I also feel this weird sensation that I can only describe as it feels like there is something being pulled inside my right temple. I didn't feel this yesterday.

Chuppy2, thanks for the comments. And I wish I could see you over Christmas too. I am actually really looking forward to it. It will be nice to be surrounded by friends and family. Have been very lonely for a while now. Friends are busy working and I just sit at home doing nothing because I don't have the money to go places. I know there are some things to do that are free but I have to drive there and gas is over $3 a gallon right now so I try to walk places and with the leg I don't go very far! Plus when I get back from Christmas I will hopefully be able to get back to work! I am very ready to get back to work!

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