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Mom acting strange after brain tumor and stroke

Posted by Dustin C.

my mom had a tumor on her pituitary gland about 5 years ago and it caused a number of mini stokes that luckely didn't have any perminant physical damage. The paste few years she has had little dizzy spells and blood pressure issues like anemia, but always acted normal. the past few weeks out of nowhere she seems like a completly different person. she is always talking about how she can do everything and about her childhood, and wrapping up strange gifts for people; just really acting strange. We took her in for blood work and an MRI last week and both came back ok. I am not sure what else to do and what is actually going on. The Doctors dont seem to be giving any insight. Any help or suggestions i would be extremely greatful for.



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Dear Dustin,

I'd suggest you start keeping a journal or log of the behaviors and incidents that seem questionable or unusual to you. Write down dates, times, surrounding circumstances and enough details that you will be able to relate the incident quickly and completely. Talk to your mom about what you've noted and take these notes with you to your mom's next doctor's appointment. This may help clarify what is going on.

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