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Missing Mom

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:04pm

December 6th will be 20 years since Mom slipped away into eternity.  Seems like yesterday I told her good-bye and kissed her when they took her into surgery.  Seems like yesterday when I waited and waited for the doctor to come into the waiting room to give me the update.

Today I’ve really missed Marie Nana…my mother.  I went to another doctor’s appointment today – and when I left I sat in the car and cried.  How I wish I had my very best friend, my mom, around to talk to when bad news comes.  How I wish my very best friend, my mom, was around to discuss some of these test results.  She was so smart and analytical.  Mom could cut to the heart of the matter quickly – and even see some of the “hidden” motivations that some people work hard to hide.

Yup, I’m missing Mom.  For those of you who view your parents as “pains” and do your best to ignore them or stay away from them, shame on you.  My Mom left when she was 65 yrs old.  She left too early, and had many, many more years in her body – but her little heart just couldn’t make it through the surgery.  Yup, I’m missing Mom.

When you see your Mom and you cringe because she’s losing her memory, gritching at you (because you’re the only one to listen to her) or if she forgets what you just said, I have one thing to say……enjoy the days you have with her.  Because the days with her will soon be gone – and then you’ll be left alone with those unsaid things, unexpressed feelings, and an empty chair where she once sat.

Yup, I miss my Mom – and someday, maybe someday soon, I’ll be able to hold her hand again….in heaven.

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