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Mind body control; the effect on your health.

Posted May 16 2012 4:17pm


What and how is the mind body control?

Everything is an  actualization  of what the mind  perceives. The mind is nature in itself;  holding all possibilities; predictable or not. Everything in life is a  determinant  of what the  master  is; the  body or the  mind.

The challenge in that is, with the larger proportion of the human race, it is the interrelation between the two. How you balance the two; which controls which, is the main challenge. Whether consciously or subconsciously, happenings in your life are determined by that  interrelation.  We are therefore  responsible for our health, our wealth, our networks and circles, our  spirituality; everything ours.

The effects of the mind body control on your health.

The difference in walking the walk and just talking the walk is as a result of that interrelation. Optimizing  the amazing ability of the mind determines the extent of greatness in us. In  prioritizing the  needs  rather than  wants  in our lives, we ensure that the mind is in control. This is not a natural occurrence though; it takes your effort, discipline and goodwill among other values you need to acquire.

A healthy lifestyle is first predetermined in the mind. It is an attitude that dictates the choices you decide upon. When your body is in control and thus your mind subconscious, anything goes. You tend to make the  ‘wrong’  choices, choices we would refer to as  inappropriate.  A lot of  tasty foods that the body craves such as fried chips, are unhealthy This leaves the body unhealthy every time the mind does not take over. 

You  are the  root problem  whenever you are unhealthy. As there are recommended dietary choices to sample, going against this prescription only leaves you to blame. Apparently, a sick person, using positive mind energy, gets better faster than the one who does not.  Positivity  does great things as your  attitude and perception  is reciprocated by the world around you.

Most diseases such as  lifestyle diseases  and those that are not genetic are a result of the body being in control of the mind.  Choices  such as  substance use and abuseinappropriate diet  such as fast foods are more of  cravings  rather than  requirements, the body dictating the mind’s decision.

The type of lifestyle you lead is a predetermined state of mind. From the people you associate with to how you live, it reflects how your mind is wired; your  personality and attitude. The outlook you have and the attitude towards it are developed in the mind. It is simply a matter of how you perceive your surroundings . Your  vices and virtues  are a summation of the body mind interrelation.

There is  no harm  in letting the body take control, so long as that  choice is conscious.  For the best out of life, it is only right to nurture a  balanced  interrelation. Find the balance with  nature t o enjoy its resources.

  • Take time to relax and meditate; do your health regular favours.
  • Exercise your mind regularly and strive to rem
  • Consume healthy balanced diets to improve your brain power and general hea


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