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Mile Wide Smile in Mile High Denver

Posted Jun 07 2010 8:25pm

It happened once again last Friday.  After a performance of the Rockyettes, the dance ensemble in Denver of which I am a member, someone from the audience, a professional dancer, approaches our director, Ann Kennedy. She praises our dance performance with one exception: the absence of smiles in the dancers.

The dancers rationalize that they were concentrating so hard on the dance routines that they fail to smile.  I can start out dancing with a smile, and then when I reach a difficult passage, I grimace.  Sometimes in the middle of a dance, I grin in disbelief that I am actually performing Broadway dance with Parkinson’s Disease, and in front of an audience.

I think there must be something out there that forces a consistent stunning smile. Sure enough, coming out of Japan, is a clever device called the Beauty Smile Trainer. It is an interesting gadget for all those who have ever been disappointed with the magnitude or shape of their smile.  We all know that people tend to look more attractive when they are beaming. This is the principle behind the Beauty Smile Trainer.  This device is reported to enhance your natural smile and also lessen drooping of your mouth.

The rubber gadget fits inside your mouth and is supposed to improve the look of your smile over time.  I am not sure if one size fits all or if there are different sizes for different size mouths, but it looks uncomfortable all the same. 

Most people are content flashing their regular smile. But if you are a dancer (or a person with Parkinson’s who finds it difficult to smile), then this may just be the item for you to develop your mile-wide smile.



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