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Mental Case

Posted Apr 09 2012 2:02am

Mental Case

Is this the time to see the symptoms of the ultimate reality of “false mask society” of the high risk cold blooded confused self? I can be destructive and what can you do about it? Do you really think you can intervene before the outcome? Let me say; you are a vulnerable human being. Have you been misunderstood? What is this that you have missed?

As J.Krishnamurti put it: “If I am greedy, envious, violent, merely having an ideal of nonviolence, of non-greed, is of little value. But to know that one is greedy or violent, to know and understand it, requires an extraordinary perception, does it not? It demands honesty, clarity of thought, whereas to pursue an ideal away from what is an escape; it prevents you from discovering and acting directly upon what you are.”

I will share my experience with you to only let you know that I am the problem and not the world. You see, for a minute I was one that became antisocial after my boxing career was over and dementia pugilistic had set in. The personality I created was unknown to me and I had blamed others for everything I did. I was irresponsible, manipulative, and very impulsive and alcoholism took over. It took understanding and perseverance to understand myself, hoping to understand society and how it works.

Yes! I had to get myself in order and not allow anyone to transform me into something I didn’t want to be. At one time or another I had that low level risk of “psychotic” break.  Sometimes you see no empathy! You see no remorse! So you see an antisocial one in violation engaged in your society. They continue to lie, steal, kill, and of course you become the victim. Are you mad at the system? Or perhaps are you mad at yourself?

Look, you live a non criminal and non psychopath lifestyle, you have the cognitive and effective duties each day.

Cold blood violence in your society today and unfortunately ego, selfishness, lack of empathy gets in the way of the innocence because of the psychopath’s violations. My experience as a former correctional officer, I do understand the “false mask society” cold blooded confused self.

There are a lot of people whom are innocent, vulnerable in their community and yet are sitting on a dangerous area of trust, honesty, love and find themselves in “false mask society” very much so powerful.

How should you think? Are you the one with the mask on your face? Look at yourself this very second, are you? Are you loyal to that mask you wear today? Is it because you have no choice but to put a mask on your face each day to walk out into society? Have you ever removed your mask and actually taken a good look at yourself. NO! To look at the real YOU in your mirror? I say no more.

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