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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month!!

Posted Mar 05 2009 2:59pm

Pass it on, Tough Boy:

1) March is Brain Injury Awareness Month!! Spread the word!!

2) Still feeling that pain? Look into acupuncture or craniosacral therapy.

3) Do your body good! Avoid the junk. Replace your sugars and simple carbs (like white breads/pastas) and bring in some more whole foods, veggies, and fish that have tons of Omega-3s!

4) Get moving! Just a short walk outside, ten or fifteen minutes. I know, its tough... but it'll help!

5) Check out the other blogs I've collected under "Personal Stories" to the right. They've all got some insight on their own struggles - which might be just like your own.

Just a quick stop by - as my situation hasn't dramatically changed at all. And I'm quite exhausted still.

But March is Brain Injury Awareness Month!!! How could I not stop by to leave some support to my fellow supporters and those looking for some relief! Spread the word and start creating awareness for our invisible struggle - who knows who'll notice, who knows who will be grateful to have found someone they can relate to, who knows what an impact it could make?? Just send over this link and start the discussion!

Relaying Tips

Got some awesome tips from some great online supports I've been leaning on (whether they know it or not!). Feel free to read verbatim what they wrote in the comments of my last post!!

Colette mentioned that her experience with acupunture and craniosacral therapy - often found at places that do massage and naturopathic therapies - has
help[ed] the pain, energy and feeling more balanced.

Unfortunately, you may find that most insurance companies will not pay for these services.

Broken Brilliant stopped by to remind me of healthy choices. These really do make a difference!
it's easy for me to make poor food choices, and then I can't figure out why I feel like crap.

I first read about the effect of sugars and simple carbs in a book written by Edward Hallowell, Driven to Distraction. It's a great book for those who have ADHD/ADD. However, one way to acquire ADHD/ADD... yep, you guessed it!... is from a mild traumatic brain injury.

I have seen first hand how much the brain 'changes' after a concussion - what makes me think that it hasn't changed how it responds to foods? Then again, ADHD/ADD is also genetic - and right before my accident, I had found out I have the genes. I changed my diet to eat less sugar and less cheese ravioli and cheap pizza - what a difference! So I know making healthy choices can be great!

If you don't want to 'diet,' eat as much vegetables as you want - just make sure you're eating better choices. Try veggies and whole grains. Vitamins and fiber. Proteins are important, too! Fish that contain Omega 3s are brain-tastic (especially SALMON! which I have learned to LOOOVE). Most artificial crab meat also has Omega 3.

Also, BB mentions exercise.
when it comes to my moods, but things like getting moving, going for a walk, etc. can make a lot of difference for me.

ADHD or not, exercise can alleviate a foggy mind, anxiety, depression, and just make you feel a little better.

How'd you find me?

The most common way people find me - is searching for "Happy Face" via Google. All because I linked a picture of that happy face on one of my posts. Oh brother!

But these search words that I stumbled on kinda made me laugh a little: "mtbi and quietly insane"

You don't even know the half of it. hahaha. Hope my site helped them a bit!

Read Personal Stories

I sometimes stumble on other blogs of people who are going through the same stuff. I find it comforting to read their struggles and know that I'm not alone and I'm not as crazy as I thought I was... or maybe I am - but everyone else is, too!

Here are a few that always check in :) Other links can be found under "Personal Stories" on the right.

I've mentioned him before - he was the first one I found!! And he has TONS of information dedicated to just Brain Injuries.

Also, I haven't done it yet, but I'm about to check out the video he has linked - a guy in the Boston area made a 6-part video of his TBI presentation he's been giving for a few years.

Always finding good stuff!! Thanks guys!
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