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Major Frustration

Posted Dec 12 2008 1:23pm
Everything is just so frustrating! With the lack of money and the headaches, though they haven't been as bad I do notice that I get them when I am frustrated or stressed, and everything else that is going on I just wish there seemed to be an end some where in sight! On the one hand, I finally heard from the guy who wanted to buy my drum kit. He emailed me on Sunday, four days late, and told me he was sorry and that he got sent to NY for two weeks and he still wanted to buy the set if its still available when he gets back but to try to sell it in the mean time. At least he finally let me know, problem is he gets back from NY when I am already gone to PA. I think I can get a friend to make the transaction for me, if no one else buys the kit before then, there is only one week left before I leave so who knows.

Today both my therapist and my father upset me a little by asking me what I plan to do if I can't find work next year. My father even yelled at me at one point. My therapist says I should start thinking outside the box and that he understands my desire to stay in my career and all but it may not be possible, at least not in immediate future. My dad is just frustrated because he hasn't gotten much work this past week and he is so far away so he is scared he won't be able to help if I continue to need it. My thinking is I want to wait until next year to worry about next year. I paid December's rent and I can pay the bills, thanks to my parents, and I will be able to pay January's as well, and today I sold a bunch of cd's and dvd's and made enough money to pay my union dues and then some and that was with only selling half of the stuff I planned to sell. If I can sell the rest I can get more, I just need to switch out some cases and make them more presentable. Plus I have my drum kit to sell and many more dvd's to sell. And I have a collectable cd I am going to post on ebay. I really feel like next year is going to be better, I truly feel it. If I am wrong I will deal with it then. Right now I want to relax and enjoy the holidays.

I think I am starting to get a cold. I bought some zicam. Hopefully it doesn't get too bad. I scheduled my MRI for Thursday but I still haven't heard about authorization from the insurance company. I need to call tomorrow to double check. I may have to wait until next year to get it done if the insurance company doesn't want to pay for another one this year. Odd though, I had at least 9 in 2007 and only 3 in 2008. I really don't want to wait until next year, but if need be...
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