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Main task done – feeling good – now for my reward

Posted May 21 2011 12:00am

Got good work done today

Feeling great about the progress I made today with this documentation I needed to write. Feeling really, really good. It reads well, I think, and I hope my clients will be happy with it.

Now I need a break and a reward. Time to go for a drive. Or maybe I’ll lie down for a nap…

I’m watching my energy levels, seeing how they go. I’m dipping down a little bit, after being all charged up for several hours. Part of me would love to just go out for a drive. The rain has let up a little bit, and I’m stir-crazy. I’ve been in a house/office/building all week, and it’s getting to me.

Yes, time for a drive. Then I’ll come home and nap.

One of the things about having all this time to myself, is I usually push myself harder than if I’m not alone. When I’m on my own, I tend to try to pack everything in. But that works against me.

So, I’ll pace myself and see what happens. Good things, I’m sure.

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