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Lump on back of head, left side

Posted by bailey10

I'm 17 years old. I've experience a lump on the back of my head for 3-5 years. I've so far have been to the doctors about such. First time I went, it was a intern, second was my family doctor. They both seem to have the same opinions, on the situation. Only examine done was a X-Ray which will only show a fractured skull ( one that was part of my concern). Family doctor said she does not recommand a MRI etc... and therefore can not write me one. I have many sympthons of this lump, I'll list a few:

Headaches, some concentrated in that area/ all over

Left side of face looks more larger/ swollen

When taking omega 3 for 3 days lump seem to have got smaller, no longer take due to making skin oily

Bump area is sensitive


Those are just a few sympthons listed. What do you think? How can I go about seeing a different doctor or say specialist? I feel/ my health is at stake in the city I live ( Lansing). The health system is a disgrace.

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