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Lumosity Bright Star: Sandra Bond

Posted Dec 07 2010 4:56pm

Read below for an amazing story from Sandra Bond, a real Lumosity member. Thanks to Lumosity brain training, Sandra’s vision has improved and she no longer needs glasses for driving. Great work, Sandra!

Sandra Bond

Sandra Bond, Jersey, Channel Islands

“I started Lumosity brain training as I was getting very forgetful. This worried me, as I dread losing any of my mental faculties as I get older. I am now half way through the second basic course and loving it ! Some of the exercises really stretch me, but apart from the odd bad day, I am getting better and better and acing my scores.

But one of the most wonderful results has actually been very unexpected. I have an eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, one of the effects of this being that my peripheral vision deteriorates. I am also long sighted and need glasses for driving and TV. I have just had my yearly eye tests, and to my utter amazement, I got a score of 100% on my peripheral vision test, which is nearly unheard of, and far higher than my last tests, and my overall vision had improved to the extent that I no longer need glasses for driving ! My optitian was amazed, and I was delighted ! All thanks to my training with games such as Birdwatching . I knew I was getting much better at that, but didn’t realize what the full extent of the improvement would result in.

So 2 birds with one stone — improved brain function and improved eyesight ! I’m already a winner!” - Sandra Bond

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