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Looking for a term for special people around those of us with PD

Posted Feb 02 2009 11:40pm

I was trying to think of a unique way to describe my dear sister, Karen Annette, to you and the role she now plays in my life with PD. She’s unique that is for sure, and she has a very important role in my life. You may have heard of the terms caregivers or carepartners, in regards to someone close to one with a chronic illness. But I am determined to think up another name for those people in our lives who may not have direct care responsibilities for us but you know you would care alot if they were not in your world.

I guess one word that might fit these kind of people in our lives might be angels, but I’m not quite sure my sis would fit that label. Make no mistake …she is ‘da best sis in the world, but ‘angel’ would be a lil over the top for her (and I think she would agree). Here is why….she’s got just enough sass in her that she doesn’t make me too mad but uses it to motivate me. I’m trying to remember if I taught her that and determine now it is coming back to haunt me (or really help me). I am still her ‘big’ sister by two and a half years and she better not ever forget it! I don’t think I have ever written about her, and I may end up regretting this, but I’m gonna brag on her.

My sister, I’m proud to say is a very fine mom, wife, and friend. The following descriptions of her may seem harsh to some, but I see them as beneficial. And you will notice that since I am the oldest, it is hard for me to admit she might be better than I at some things, but I know better (it just means I don’t have to mention them…lol). My sister is my life friend….I know that I can tell her anything and she will still love me (even if she has to tell me what a stupid idiot I am–don’t think she has actually done that yet, but I know she has thought it). My sister is not ashamed of me and the fact that I have Parkinson’s and do wierd things now days. She has sought to know about PD, to embrace others with this illness, to help in our support group, to raise money for a cure, to let me know without even saying it that see feels my pain. Her loving spirit and the occasional silly looks make me know she really cares without saying a word. We are opposites in many ways…Karen won’t let anyone run over her; I’m a glutton for my kindness or naivity at times…..She speaks her mind; I’ll write it down and send it by mail (if I ever get the stamp on it)……she’s a ‘getter-done kind of gal’; I’m a ‘let’s analyze this first and see if we really need to do it’ kind of gal…..She can give you a look of ‘you do that again and you’ll be sorry’; whereas I just look at people with that ‘I can’t believe you just did that’ look ……She can cook; I can’t…..She still sticks up for daddy; Me for mom (we lov em both dearly)….and lastly….she has no crafty talent; I do…yeah …now I got to figure out how to use that in my favor!

Maybe you get the picture. My sister and I are quite different …kind of like Lassie and a pitbull (guess which one I am… I hear pitbulls make really good pets. Kind of glad my sis has some of it in her and uses it to my benefit. I love ya, sis. And I hope you never have to take care of me, but if ya do I’ve got a plan. All these attributes I’ve listed of yours…well, I’ve been watchin and can match ya on em…so be easy on me. Just teasin. It is a totally awesome blessing to have her as a sister. Now, where do I go to get the biggest doggie bone?

Well, I hope she takes this in stride. I can almost see the look I’ll get when she reads this!!! And I hope I have my running shoes on so she can’t catch me and make me say ‘I give’! I’ll let you know how it goes. And I’ll probably be bloggin the next time of “Why do I have to always be so brutally honest about people..I should value my life more!” All in good fun, right, sis…..before you look at me that way….really I can write another one…completely can be Lassie in it!

Karen, I know you may not see it exactly this way, but I really was trying to honestly describe one of the most compassionate, crazy, caring, and misunderstood people in my life! And if you really read between the lines it is a sisterly love letter (in my own personally wierd way of saying so)! And I’m so glad to call you my sister, but most importantly my friend. Now, I must go check my medicine, I’m feeling like I’ve just done something way out of the ordinary

So much for my attempt at a new phrase for our caring sisters or brothers …

Judy (sister of Karen the great)


P.S.  My sister’s only character flaw is that she refuses to wear ‘da coat! 




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