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Little Dozer

Posted Dec 31 2012 10:05pm
I wish I had pictures to share with everyone. There was barely a 1/4 inch of snow on the ground and it was melting fast.

I really wanted Smoky to get to play in his first snow. Even if it was just a little bit.

I was kinda worried he might not like it cause as much as he loves his mile walks. He was wanting to be carried the day before because the pavement was too cold.

But as soon as my little Smoky Jo hit the ground and saw the white fluff on the ground his little nose went straight to the ground and he started digging the white stuff up like he was looking for

The cold did not bother him at all. He loved the snow so much he would lay down in it on his belly and just eat it.

Then he would take off and run like something just stung him in the back end.

I would throw snow at him and snow balls and he would dig and eat snow then take off like a bullet.

When I took him in he did not want me taking his lead off. He takes the lead in his mouth when he wants to go somewhere.

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