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Like many people today I am look ...

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:25pm

Like many people today I am looking back and remembering where I was and what I was doing on 9/11 five years ago.I had spent the previous night in the emergency room with what was to become my last(so far) episode with tachycardia. My heart rate was at 260 beats per minute and nothing would calm it or get it to normal-so like the previous times before a drug had to be sent into my body to stop my heart. It is an unreal experience-the stopping of a heart. I was scared witless. This time was much scarier than before-but having my heart stopped wasn't because I knew what would happen and the doctors and nurses around me were so kind and supportive that this time it all went well. There was a gentle feeling of loss and then a reving up and there I went again. Alive and kicking. And I was ready to go home. Of course, I am shortening the experience, because this is a post-not a book-and because the reason for the post is my memory of 9/11 not my stopped heartbeat, although they are much the same.The next morning, I awoke and knew I had to go to the drug store to purchase a prescription that had been given to me by the doctor.I got home and went to my computer to pick up my email-when my sister from Memphis sent an instant message to me-telling me of the beginning of what was to become a day that would never end for many-and a watershed day for the rest. I hurriedly went to the television and didn't move throughout the day. The late Peter Jennings was his brilliant best as he broadcast the surreal events of the day. I was now living in another place and time-a babyboomer who had lived through the JFK assasination, the murder of RFK and Martin Luther King Jr., Vietnam and Watergate was witnessing now an attack on her homeland- beyond belief!

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