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Light headed today...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm
Spent most of the day on the couch today, not feeling well. Light headed and heavy headed at the same time, I'm not really dizzy, just sort of light headed, but my head feels heavy, does that make any sense? So I took it easy today. If I still feel like this tomorrow I will take the opposite approach and be active and see if that helps. Also been having sinus issues again, just when I thought they were gone they came back! Lucky me!

I did some more thinking about the meds and happiness and everything. I was watching tv and I got very emotional watching it and even started to cry, but I wasn't sad, just moved by the program. So the meds haven't made me NOT feel anything so maybe it is my thinking that is making me happy and I have nothing to worry about when I stop taking the meds. I just called in for my last refill today so I only have another month left on the pills. Hopefully I am not one of those people that have become addicted to it or need it to stay happy. I do believe that I can change my moods by changing my thinking, but there are such things as chemical imbalances and such so you never really know. I guess we will find out in a month!
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