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Let's see if this works: Some links about learning and the brain for you

Posted Aug 05 2010 12:00am

Oh, terrific. The blog post I just wrote, sitting here on my dorm bed listening to the Pacific Ocean, telling you about the Learning and the Brain Institute I am attending, is gone! Firefox would not let me save it, telling me that browser is offline. I do not have the time or desire to recreate the whole post, and am now experiencing a major bout of technology frustration. 

I do hope Safari will work; it has not in the past been compatible with TypePad so I typically have to use Firefox for blogging. 

I also am hoping the rhythm of the waves will calm me before I need to go out in the hallway searching for an available shower. Staying in the dorms has been frustrating for many of us in attendance at this Institute. We were told we would have our own bathrooms, but that assurance did not materialize. I feel like I am attending a haphazardly-run summer camp.

For now, if you are interested in how the brain learns, here are some links sent out prior to the Institute by its instructor Dr. Judy Willis :

And here's another link. (I cannot figure out to add it, using Safari, to the bulleted list.)

" How to Teach Students About the Brain " (Educational Leadership) [pdf]

More either later while I am still here in California, or when I get back. 

I am now calmer (and cleaner) after finding an unoccupied shower stall in the midst of writing this post. (It did have tar on the knob you use to turn on the water, but that story will perhaps be told in another post, if ever.) 

Now, if I can track down some coffee in the dormitory dining hall . . .  Before this trip to Santa Barbara, my own kitchen and bathroom never seemed like such a glorious gift!

Note: I ran into a coffee Nazi in the dining hall. I convinced her to let me have a cup, but I was not allowed to take it to my meeting place right across the pathway. Add my own coffee pot to that list of glorious gifts.

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