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Left LA to Live With My Parents

Posted Jul 03 2011 2:03pm
I am now in South Dakota living with my parents ibn their RV, mom and I arrived yesterday after a 2  1/2 day road trip.  I, my mom, packed up all my stuff, sold it, donated, or threw it away, and took to the road because my tumors have taken over and I can no longer take care of myself. 

I need my leg brace and a walker to get around and I get dizzy if I sit or stand for too long.  I was able to get my old neurosurgeon to write me some prescriptions to keep me in meds for a few months until I can get settled.  My parents are work camping at an RV park in South Dakota but they normally live in Florida.  Depending on how well I do here they will finish their contract to the end of Aug, though I'm not sure that's going to happen because I am not doing too well.  Then we will travel, see some sights on our way down to Florida where I can hopefully get a doctor and by then I may qualify for Medicare, I am not sure, I am still looking into that.

This RV is really hard to get up into with my bad leg.  It takes both my parents helping me because there is no railing for me to pull myself up with.  And getting down is not that easy either, for the same reason.  I really don't have much trouble getting around inside though. 

I brought my cat with me and my parents have a little dog.  My cat is still hiding.  The dog just wants to play but Gabby is scared, she had a rough trip being stuck in a carrier the whole trip, except when we were in the motels at night.  I think the two of them are going to get along just fine though. 

Well, like I said I get dizzy if I sit up for too long so its time to go lie down for a bit.

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