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Learn how natural vitamins can help short-term and long-term memory in adults.

Posted Aug 24 2009 5:17pm
Did you know that Focus and Memory are the backbone of daily mental health? Many people suffer each day with limited ability to fully carry out tasks or be able to remember names of people they’ve seen many times, even over the years!

Struggling through a day to remember critical chores, getting lost in conversations by forgetting what was on the tip of your tongue, and not knowing where the time went in your day are all signs of memory loss. Problems in memory and focus happen as a person begins to age.

Although eventual mental decline is statistically prevalent (meaning, it happens to most of us), it is a misconception that this process should be left alone and simply accepted. Left untreated, this condition often leads to an inability to lead one’s own life.

In a 2007 study, Attitudes of Seniors and Baby Boomers on Aging in Place, examining attitudes on aging and independence, the study group was asked to choose their number one fear. Not surprisingly, it was:

"Loss of Independence"

which, in the study was feared even more than death.

The study goes on to say that- when asked about issues that could jeopardize their ability to live independently, Seniors cited: memory problems1.

What could be more important than living a life fully and freely making your own decisions, guiding your own ship, so to speak? Who wants to be subject to those that although perhaps well-meaning, can’t possibly know or comprehend what you need and want the most.

It’s not always the caretakers’ fault that they cannot be functional in pleasing those they care for. The only person who can really understand what you need and want is you!

It is important to understand that mental challenges, especially lack of focus and memory, can successfully be dealt with, and should be dealt with for the sake of:

  • You and your family,
  • Your outlook and lifestyle, and
  • Your personal and financial well being.

Being incapable of leading an independent lifestyle compromises and puts a burden on all of the aforementioned. The costs of "paid-for" elder care- whether retirement homes, home-health aids or nurses, even assisted living facilities are often through-the-roof! These costs often deplete elderly people’s estates, forcing them to use their life savings- to help with daily survival needs.

Although every age-related condition cannot be avoided, MEMORY AND FOCUS CAN BE SUCCESSFULLY ADDRESSED using selected supplements- like those found in Progressive Health’s Cyntol ingredients.

Progressive Health has gone to great lengths to formulate Cyntol - a dietary supplement that addresses issues of mental clarity, focus and concentration and the loss of short-term and long-term memory functions.

Information about Cyntol Here


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