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Lateral Action, Daniel Pink, and Little Shifts

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:00am


This is one of those moments I love: Seeing concepts I’ve written about turning up in someone else’s smart, timely book. It’s happening in a few different places right now, and I keep getting my worn copy of “Little Shifts” out to answer my own question, “What did I say, back then?”

“Little Shifts” is not quite four years out now, but in publishing circles it’s an old horse. It enjoyed a nice run on the market and continues to sell. But I think some of the messages in my little book are just now ripe on the tree. In the chapter called “The Great Adventure,” I said “This is a grand opportunity for the best kind of growth – a growth of commitment, consciousness, and imagination.” I told the story about William McDonough, one of our most accomplished visionaries, and the community of innovators at work creating solutions for our planet. Then I made an invitation.

“When we join our willing optimism to the community around us, invite our imaginations to the party, and deliberately choose a positive future, a great adventure begins to unfold. The possibilities are limitless.
“Trust that your vision is connected to these mighty forces. From that trust your creative life will emerge, along with the energy and understanding of how to execute your ideas.”

In the book I advocate using business as a force for social change. Having a business gives us “arms and legs” beyond just the voice of an individual.

Today, I’m excited about the undercurrent which seems to be swelling to the surface. Daniel Pink’s book, “A Whole New Mind, Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future,” beautifully articulates where we are headed and why creatives are emerging as cultural leaders. Brian Clark and Mike McGuinness have started a very clever series called Lateral Action, with the fourth entry also mentioning Daniel Pink’s book. You can understand why I’m jumping up and down and pointing my finger. This imagination-driven culture is becoming visible. These are the great adaptations I’m talking about. It’s us!

I want you to think about something today. Where would you like to apply more imagination in your life? Let’s take it a step further. Let me know, in the reply area here, what three areas of your life could be most improved by a fully empowered imagination?



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