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KST 7-9: Transfer

Posted Oct 21 2005 12:00am
I am probably getting into trouble for writing this post. It is about the great variability of secondary symptoms stuttering is producing, and how people react to their own stuttering. For example, here at the Kassel Stuttering Therapy, patients see their own video and are shown other people's video (with those people's consent of course!). A few dont want their video to be shown. But the majority is initially shocked by their symptoms, especially as they do not realise they do certain things. But now after a few viewing, some (including myself) really find them seriously comical really. (I can say it as I stutter myself!). Some examples include people who: slap themselves on the cheek to get out of a block, swing the arm to get going, twist the tongue out, say "ehhhhhh" every 3 seconds for half a second (THAT IS ME), make extreme face grimaces, or turn the head upwards as if a fishhook from an angler had caught their right lip. If you dont know about stuttering, you would just be like "Oh my God, what a freak". But then, they put down the phone and say "Oh this was a bad phone call. Lets go for lunch" in perfect fluency, no the slightest symptoms. Or when they use the techniques, all symptoms are just gone, and out comes eloquent speech with utter calm, not the slightest sign of freakiness. It still amazes me after so many years.

Maybe I should do a Top Ten Worst Stuttering Symptoms... Sorry I do not take life too seriously... And for those who stutter and do find it embarassing and painful. I think it is important to get some emotional detachment. After all, if you find it embarassing and painful, your avoidance and suffering will be far greater than for someone who can also make fun of him/herself...
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