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Knowledge of wearing glasses

Posted Mar 26 2013 7:58am
Now, it has been the development of a variety of glasses. Children with glasses, chemically enhanced spectacle lenses, fall to the ground, not

easily broken; driver with glasses yellow lenses coated with a layer of silver film, usually wearing its clear vision, avoid glare under

bright light. A dual function of both reading glasses and myopia LCD glasses, it is the use of liquid crystal lens for myopia or reading

glasses, with a button to adjust voltage-dependent principle. There is a discoloration of the glasses, will automatically darken in strong

light, the light normal time and recovery colorless transparent state. The most interesting film glasses, commonly known as contact lenses, it

without glasses frame and paste it directly on the cornea of ??the eye, both corrected people vision defects, not vulnerable to rain, steam

interference does not affect the sports activities. But people also wear glasses there is some confusion.

The myopia why more wear deeper

Degree glasses, IPD inaccurate, or wearing glasses and still do not pay attention to eye health, overuse, not timely adjustment of spectacles,

etc., will lead to myopia. The survey report shows, has become many people’s “common problem” is not the proper use of glasses, do not pay

attention to protect the eyes.

Eye care should be for life, and need to be given adequate attention in the various stages of life, especially the rapid changes in eyesight

at a young age and old age, was not to wait until there is a significant change in vision when attention. Generally to the hospital each year,

according to the refractive changes, replacement lenses. If the degree of change, no matter what lens wearing are in need of replacement.

Glasses have to “wait”

The correct method is: protective glasses protect lenses, do not wear, handled with care, not with sharp objects in a. Abstract hands wearing

anti-frame deformation. Regularly with a cleaning solution to scrub the lenses. Wearing contact lenses more attention to health, wearing, wash

your hands before nails. Eye infections, eye injuries, dry eye, the lens is damaged forbidden to wear contact lenses. The best choice for good

quality lenses, regular maintenance, cleaning and disinfection, to avoid impurities calm cause eye infection or injury. Once the eye

discomfort, immediately stop wearing and timely treatment ophthalmology.

Lenses can not be “extended service”

Resin lenses currently on the market replaced once every 2 to 3 years is appropriate. As optical products, spectacle lenses scratched, it will

affect the performance of optical correction. In addition to regular optometry should be every six months time to the first wife of the

optical shop check visual acuity and lens care. Many who were indifferent on the location choice of glasses, convenient, nearby, low price is

a major consideration, the individual even that is to choose glasses frames lenses, is very simple.
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