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Keep Your Brain Alive – 83 Neurobic Exercises to help prevent memory loss and increase mental fitness

Posted Aug 08 2011 8:51pm

     Neurobics? What’s that? Never heard of it before now. Neurobics is an exercise program to help you maintain a continuing level of mental Fitness, strength, and flexibility as you get older. This program calls for “presenting the brain with non-routine or unexpected experiences using various combinations of your physical senses – vision, smell, taste, touch, and hearing – as well as your emotional ‘sense’.” In other words, Neurobics activates different areas of the brain and makes the brain more agile and flexible, so that it will be ready to take on any mental challenge.
     Since Neurobics is based on how the brain works, the exercises take information from the five senses to enhance the brain’s natural association between them. For example, we’ve all said, “It’s nice to put a name with a face,” when we’ve met someone for the first time with whom we’ve talked on the phone. This emphasizes two of our senses identifying a person: vision and hearing. To add touch and smell to associating a person’s name with a visual, remember how his hand felt when you shook it, or how he/she smelled if they were wearing cologne/perfume. Since you are now using other ways to remember information (names) and strengthening the number of ways to remember (sight, touch, smell, hearing), the better chances of remembering names, solving a problem, or meeting a challenge are increased because your brain has more pathways available to retrieve the information in the future. Make sense?
     Next time, I’ll talk about routines and how they aren’t as good as we thought.

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