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Just thinking back on a special visit

Posted Feb 23 2009 10:11pm

It has been my joy to have met several online friends in person, and Sherri’s trip to Tennessee/Kentucky has been one of those.  The memories of all my meetings with friends who live with Parkinson’s  bring me big smiles as I recall them, and I had written these down from the time I got to spend with Sherri, so I thought I’d share them.  I think you will see why I smile when I recallsome of my special memories of the time Sherri visited me in Jan  2009.

I hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning them here.


* The hug I got when Sherri arrived—she didn’t mind being seen with me in my coat…now that is real friendship.   Actually it felt like I was meeting a sister.  

*The ways in which Sherri helped me physically..more than she should have—always carrying more out to the car in a trip and always taking something off of my hands.   If she had stayed much longer I would have been spoiled.

*the opportunity to talk and learn more about her and what is important to her; what her fears are; what gives her hope.

*the joy I had of introducing her to my friends who are so special to me at my church.

*the fun and frustration of coming up with the poem about our daily adventures—I’m so glad Sherri made it work better than I could.

* taking pictures in the cemetery in Kentucky—if the red lips didn’t convince your brother there was something wrong with us, then I’m sure the length of time we spent in the cemetery taking pictures probably did.

* taking a detour to nowhere—trying to figure out if the sign was right or if we should have just listened to Garmin…but we did get to see a lot of lake and farm land in our 45 minute loop on the way to Kentucky!  

*the look on Sherri’s face after a massage by Kim after 7 days of going here and there, sleeping little and all the adventures—I’m glad I could provide some kind of relaxation in the form of the massage appointment.   She looked like she could float off on a cloud when I came back by to pick her up.

* the big stack of books in her arms at the bookstore—she really does like books/reading/writing –I guess it is good, it probably keeps her out of trouble.

*I’d like to thank her brother for introducing me/us to burbon balls at the sweet shop—admit it loved them too!

* fun with big red lips, and buying those hats, and seeing her in ‘da coat

* brainstorming a new logo, talking about the future of the blog site, and how it is a gift of our hearts

*it being so COLD here


*planning the future of PJ

* Sherri   getting to meet my family

* Praying together.                                          

* Sherri’s comment to me that I consider the highest compliment I think I could ever get,   when she told me that I was like ‘a Peggy’ to her.  wow that blew me away.

* The hug I got when we sent Sherri off through at the airport.

*   The sad feeling that a special time was over

*   Knowing that Sherri is strong and determined and grounded enough to handle it all.

* Wishing that I’ll be able to visit Sherri some day as well

* Knowing that   God has been so good   to bless me with so many special people! 


Wow, it’s been a month since she left but I’ll always remember what a very special ‘bright spot’ Sherri was for me while she visited!



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