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Just Generally BLAH!

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm

I usually just don’t pay attention when I’m feeling yukky….I try to ignore it and push through it – working, cooking, taking care of errands, etc.   Sometimes the achey feeling in my body is just too much to ignore.  Today I feel BLAH, not specifically, but generally….just blah,  yukky, nothing in particular causing it – just BLAH.

In some circles this achey feeling could be called PAIN.  This is not a specific sharp pain as I might have with a cyst on my ovary or appendicitis.  People with Parkinson’s Disease typically have stiffness, lack of flexibility, rigidity and slowness of movement.  However, PAIN is not one of the classic symptoms/identifiers of PD.  So, what is causing this achey, dull feeling that could be described as PAIN?

I am not having dystonia or pain from that type of muscular twisting.  Nor am I exhibitingdyskinesias and any pain from repeated jerking movements.  The pain is just a dull, thud and doesn’t seem to fade.  I haven’t fallen lately or bumped into a table or cabinet.  In fact, for the first time in many months I am sleeping without drugs and able to sleep mostly through the night.  So, I cannot attribute this pain to exhaustion as I did earlier in the long, hot, Texas summer.

For many PWP (persons with Parkinson’s) this experience of achiness and discomfort becomes a part of the fabric of our daily existence.  We try to ignore the discomfort, or we take an over-the-counter pain killer to help us forget it’s there. Even that only works for a little while.  I don’t have any “clinical evidence” to define the presence of PAIN or achiness in people with Parkinson’s Disease.  I only konw that it is present in my body and I associate it with my PD.

Sometimes slow, long stretching sessions do help reduce the pain.  But when my neck, shoulders and upper back are affected it is difficult to stretch those body parts very much.  Then I rely on mild over-the-counter pain relievers and a warm heating pad or hot water bottle.

I believe I do need to re-define the meaning of “dull achiness” and just flat out call it “pain”.  If you are a person with Parkinson’s Disease, I encourage you to do the same.  If we re-define our terms and draw attention to it, then our doctors will see that pain is a part of Parkinson’s Disease.  It’s not a revolution I propose, just a more accurate way to bring attention to the path we live and walk.

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