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Judy on, “A Hard Reset” – A Must Read!

Posted May 07 2011 3:24am
Posted on May 7th, 2011 by Judy Hensley in

Well gang, I first want to say how proud and amazed I am at the efforts and reports that I saw concerning your efforts for Parkinson’s Awareness in the month in April!!!!  Thank you so very much for your efforts….I know for some it was not easy!!!!!!!  And as for myself, we will not specifically discuss how woefully bad I did concerning my efforts of 30 miles in 30 days” last month, but it has some significance regarding this note.


I wonder if others of you with PD, or without it, have come to realize that so many times you can’t do it all, half of it all, or even one thing at all some days?   OK, there I admitted it.  That was hard even if I am not a class A type personality.  And I guess what I want to get at is this:  sometimes you don’t need to step back and evaluate things in your life, but sometimes you HAVE to step back, take time to listen to your body, and do a HARD RESET.  You know when your PC or phone it gets bogged down, the only fix is to power it off or take out the battery for a bit.


The interesting thing is I’m not going to tell you how you have to do that in your life or even how I have, but I think the best thing I can tell you is to listen to the best command center of you…listen to your heart!  It might be telling you to reset by doing one thing or several things.  The important thing I can say  is to “just listen.” Your heart might be telling you to slow down, to share your concerns with a friend, to get back into that relaxing hobby, or to take a trip.


I am now experiencing “freezing” of movement when my meds wear off too soon.  Others with PD have described it and said it is so very frustrating. This often increases at times when there is significant stress in my life or after a big exciting day as I recover from those activities.  I’m seeing and learning that everything can have an influence on how well or how bad my symptoms may be.  The anything and everything is LIFE, fought with all it’s ups and downs, twists and turn.  I’m the first to admit I love a good roller coaster ride.  And I will also admit that  sometimes I’ve had to get off the ride and miss a few go-arounds, because I would have made myself sick if I had kept on going. And I’m finding out the same is true with other illnesses as I recently heard when I had lunch with some girlfriends from high school who went to the same church with me then.


My friend Kim picked me up  to go to lunch the other day.  I had to ask my two friends if one of them could pick me up, just in case I wasn’t moving well.  It’s a good thing I did because although I had gotten dressed fairly easily that morning, my medicine dropped out on me fast and when this happens it takes a good 40 minutes to an hour before the next dose gets up there to those little neurotransmitter sites for dopamine in my brain to do it’s thing and then I move just fine!  So when we got to the restaurant my other friend got to witness me barely moving with my cane or walker (I don’t remember which one I had).  They were both so compassionate and helpful.  And the most interesting comment of the luncheon together was “who would have thought 30 years ago we would imagine us getting together for lunch and a majority of our conversation be about what illnesses have affected our lives.”  My friends are dealing with fybro, arthritis, diabetes, and seizures.  We all expressed our frustrations at having to live with such speed bumps in our lives, but we all still had amazing things to be joyful about as well.


I thought I’d give you a little snapshot of my life recently, which I am sure is mild compared to other’s, in hopes that it will help you grasp my advice of taking a HARD RESET.  Just remember, I’ve had PD for almost 8 years now.  In the most recent month of my journey called life, I have some dear friends who have suffered great disappointments with some relationships; one of my dear PD friends found out his sister has breast cancer, and another one of my PD friends has a wife with a brain tumor;  a very dear friend just had surgery for prostate cancer; I have been trying to cope emotionally with the advent of my mother’s birthday last month…the first one without her here;  I waited until the last minute to do taxes.  It didn’t help – we still had to pay;  my daughter had her junior prom and had several issues come up at the last minute, but it went off well; I assisted a friend with a presentation for  local care giving/assistance agency (and we both had PD and did OK); I have not been going to exercise because I just don’t feel like it some days and on other days my exercise partner can’t go either; some days I just can’t get away from the news and world events which seem to be crazy at the present;  gas prices are sky high; the weather around here has been crazy (tornados and such);  I did go an a couple of fun day trips but they always cause havoc with my meds for a couple of days afterward; and I haven’t been sleeping well.


Through all that I finally realized I was living by a tread spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally and that I have got to make a HARD RESET.  I have to get back to listening better to my heart, and my body since it is affected so much by my lack of dopamine.  I have to ask for help when I need it and not be so stubborn to accept it when it is given.  I have to be more thankful for everything and everyone, and I have to regain strength in many areas to continue on this journey.  Fortunately for me, I have lots of friends who help me gain the strength I need through encouragement on the net, at home, at church, and in my local support group.


I hope it will be a good while before I have to do another HARD RESET to be able to carry on, and if you’ve had to do the same, I hope you will carry on strong for many days!!  Just remember you are not alone…sharing this journey with one another makes it an easier road!



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