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It Is Finished – Sam Has Done It!

Posted Oct 30 2011 4:33am
Posted on October 30th, 2011 by in

Do you remember me telling you about Sam Fox? If not, you can get caught up here .

After spending two months high in the mountains and low down in the desert dust, running along the Pacific Crest Trail of 2,256.5 miles, which spans the entire west coast from Canada to Mexico, Sam Fox has finally finished his race in raising awareness for Parkinson’s disease. According to, the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) covers “60 major mountain passes and descends 19 canyons. Fewer people have thru-hiked [yet alone ran] the Pacific CrestTrail than have climbed Mt. Everest.”

The End Begins from Eric DePalo on Vimeo .

56 days after starting this run, Sam walked to the finish line. With his mom at his side and walking arm in arm the with her, Sam made his way to where he would take his final step of this leg.

Sam not only has raised over $125,000 so far from his run, with the number continuing to rise even after the race, but he also broke the record for completing the trail in under 60 days, the last record held by Scott Williamson who ‘walked’ the trail in 59 days one day before Sam finished running his record of 56 days.

Let’s see… 2,256.5 miles divided by 56 days… that’s about 42 miles a day. An average of 15 hours a day of dedicated running. Wow… I am speechless. I am tired just thinking about doing something like that.

I don’t know if Sam has anything else up his sleeve in an effort to continue to raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease, but whether or not, I want to personally thank you Sam. I know this ‘race’ was dedicated to your mother, but in helping her, you’ve helped us all.

Thank you – so much.

PCT Stats
Stretches 2,650 miles from Manning Provincial Park in British Columbia all the way to Campo, CA, at the Mexican border.
Climbs 60 major mountain passes
Descends 19 major canyons
Passes more than 1,000 lakes
Traverses 3 National Monuments, 7 National Parks, 24 National Forests
Fewer people have successfully thru-hiked the PCT than have reached the summit of Mt. Everest.
SOURCE: Pacific Crest Trail Association

Mt. Rainier: Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington.
Crater Lake: Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.
Lake Tahoe: Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe, California.
Dusy Basin: Sunset at Dusy Basin. Mt. Whitney, California.
Mojave Desert: Mojave Desert Landscape near Joshua Tree National Park, California.

Sam Fox – The Film

What really motivates a person to challenge himself so brutally?

For half of his life, Sam has watched his mother’s escalating struggle with Parkinson’s disease, and seeing her mobility decline has influenced his sense of the body’s limitations. Over the course of the 60-day run, his body will deteriorate. The stress will take its physical toll, putting him at risk for broken bones and long-term injuries. The chance of failure is high, and whether he finishes will be determined more by the strength of his mind than his body.

Imposing such demands on himself has an empathetic quality that draws parallels with the challenges that his mother faces daily. Unlike his mother, however, Sam’s struggle is voluntary, a choice. We want to create a film that explores the idea of empathy, of submerging oneself in the extremes of a challenge as a way of emulating another’s strength.

View the trailer of the upcoming documentary of Sam’s run here: Sam Fox – The Film

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